Netball Northern Zone History

Netball Northern Zone is one of the five regional sports organizations for Netball in New Zealand. The Netball Northern Zone supports more than 33% of the national netball population, which equates to 48016 participants. According the Netball Northern Zone 2016 membership return, over 73.6% of our membership are aged 19 or younger.

The geographical region of our Zone covers from Waiuku in the South to Kaitaia in the Far North of New Zealand. There are 17 Netball Centres and four satellite playing venues which support the Northern Zone participant playing base. These Netball Centres and playing venues vary from being purely voluntarily run to large multi-million dollar facilities.

The role of the Northern Zone is, to support, educate and deliver Netball New Zealand's national strategies. We are a link in the netball delivery chain and provide services to netball centres, as well as the wider community (i.e. schools and clubs). The Northern Zone holds a variety of community partnerships, including Regional Sporting Trusts, Community Funders and Sponsors, Council and Local Boards.

The Netball Northern Zone provides an environment that encourages, enhances and sustains netball participation at all levels. We do this through implementing and delivering national strategies and programmes, as well as supporting and developing strong netball governance and business. Our key netball partners are the Netball Centres, schools, and clubs, and Netball New Zealand (NNZ).

Centre Engagement

The Netball Northern Zone provides support to 17 Netball Centres and 4 satellite playing venues within our zone. Our Community Netball Team makes regular visits to all the centres. Collectively, between January to October 2016 our team has visited our centres more than 1000 times. This engagement is across umpires, coach development, junior netball, governance and administration. This engagement increases our capability and capacity to deliver nationally driven programmes into local communities. In the past 12 months, we have increased our junior (Years 1-8) playing membership by 1.6 %. This is strong progress across netball centres and satellite playing venues who have continued to roll out the national junior netball programme known as ANZ futureFERNS.

Participation Numbers

Over the last year we have had a total of 48016 people participate in netball within the Northern Zone. We categorise our playing groups as follows: Year 1-6 players, Year 7-8 players, Secondary School, Senior and Social players. Our main participation increase in 2016 was in junior netball.

Junior Netball

In 2016, we increased participation numbers for players in Year 1-8, by 1.6%. This continuing success is largely due to the ongoing roll out of Netball New Zealand's Junior Netball programme. Netball Centres delivering this programme are required to be endorsed. This ensures that the community are receiving quality netball experiences that are consistent across New Zealand. Currently our Centre endorsement is at 94%, with only one netball centre requiring additional support.

In 2016, implementation of the programme looked like this:

  • 17 centres & 4 Satellites in Year 1, 2 and 3 Programme
  • 16 Centres in Year 1 & 2 Programme and Year 3 &4 Programme.
  • 8 Centres pilot Year 5 & 6 programme Regional Support

The Community Development Officers have been active alongside Regional Sports Trusts in our Zone and we have delivered our Active in Schools programme to 21 schools, as well as supporting RST led Have a Go Days, tournaments and festivals by offering netball. The Have a Go Days involved introducing the Netball NZ ANZ futureFerns Y1-6 Junior modified games. Counties Manukau Sports Have a Go Day alone consisted of up to 15 classes a day for 20 min sessions on fundamental skill of Netball and a total of 3741 student engagements from 7 Schools.

Active in Schools

Netball Northern Zone Active in Schools was put in place to promote the Junior Netball Programme, by engaging schools and connecting them with their local Netball Centre, thus increasing participation. We targeted 20 schools through this project, throughout the Zone and engaged with more than 5000 students within Years 1 to 8. Coach Development

In 2016, we had 1002 coaches through 'NNZ Developing Coaching Modules, 113 have coaches having completed their NNZ Community Coach Award for 2016 and 1527 Coaches have been through the NNZ ANZ Future Ferns Programme. Community coach awards are recognised by Netball New Zealand and the Zone for completing their Netball New Zealand developing coaching modules through community sport. We also supported the development of 16 Performance coaches in our own Northern Zone led Performance Coach programme.

Umpire and Officiating Development

In 2016, there was an increase in pass rate for zone theory. Pass rate in May was 90.3% (28/31). Pass rate for August was 96.5% (28/29). For the NZ Theory in June the pass rate was 25% (1/4) but the pass rate for September increases by 33% to 58.3% (7/12)


In 2016 we supported the Pilot Leadership Project at Papakura Netball Centre. There are currently 11 young women (12-18yrs). They have supported PNC with Umpiring, running junior programme, holiday programmes and junior netball tournaments. The girls have also participated in an Anti-Bullying workshop, First Aid Course and will support Breast Cancer Screening in their local community. Performance

2016 was the inaugural year of the Beko Netball League which is an amateur National competition which ran from April to June and is focused on developing athletes, coaches, team managers, and specialist support personnel for future High Performance opportunities. The programme was hugely successful with the squad narrowly missing out on the grand final by one bonus point but the biggest success we had was having 7 athletes from the squad gain contracts with ANZ Premiership for 2017. Also, we had Helene Wilson our Beko Head Coach appointed as the new SKYCITY Mystics Head Coach and also our Beko team manager and physio also moved up to take on new roles with the SKYCITY Mystics for 2017.