Thanks to Sharon Adams from Sport Northland who delivered the session on wellbeing and to Michaela Sokolich-Beatson who shared her journey over the years with us to enable us to relate how centres can make a difference in everyone’s wellbeing.

The session shared an understanding of the basic concept of wellbeing/hauroa and the role of individuals, leaders and organisations in creating an environment that supports wellbeing for all. We now have an understanding of the SCARF model and how it affects wellbeing. We applied the SCARF model to our own environment and identified possible mitigations.

The purpose of our session was to share some practical tips that people can use to support their own wellbeing and to that of others. It gave us a chance to discuss challenges and approaches.

Supporting the wellbeing and resilience of your people is an important part of any leading an organisation, workplace, club and community. To do this effectively you also need to prioritise your own mental wellbeing.

Wellbeing - SPORT NZ - Presentation

Mental Health & Wellness Tips

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