The Real Reason Why Our Kids Quit Sport

Click her for “The real reason why our kids quit sport” by Kathleen Noonan

Parents this is all about you, your ego and how your attitude towards kids sport can cause kids to quit. Peter Gahan, head of player and coach development with Australia Baseball, after years at Queensland Academy of Sport, says “ FUN needs to be at the heart of sport. Even at the elite levels research now shows all athletes need a fun activity in their training session. Countries must walk the fine line of wanting elite sports while encouraging mass participation”. Gahan applauds New Zealand who has introduced a fundamental movement skills program in primary school with a sport officer in those schools to oversee the program. “it covers 14 basic skills including running, hopping, throwing – the basics that are specific from Year 1. From what I hear, New Zealand is going to start kicking our arse at the next Olympics because, with this program, they will have a greater pool of athletes to choose from coming through”. This “basic skills” approach is exactly what NNZ’s Junior Netball Programme is all about.

Reviewed by Anne Nicholson Junior Netball Development Officer Netball Northern. 


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