Netball Northern Zone History


Netball has been played in New Zealand since 1906. It is the most popular female sport in New Zealand. The game attracts around 350,000 participants, who are play competitively, socially or informally. Today there is close to 150,000 participants affiliated to play under Netball New Zealand.

Netball is unique being a predominantly female sport, although there is growing participation and interest by boys. Through this, netball plays a leading role in the development of girls and women, through their experiences as players, coaches, officials and volunteers. Netball produces significant role models whose integrity, athleticism, hard work and humble values have inspired many.

Our netball centers, clubs and schools play valuable roles in their communities as hubs of social, physical and cultural interaction, where people from all background and ethnicities, can safely participate in sport, have enjoyable experiences and form long-lasting relationships.

The presence of netball in nearly every female and co-ed school in New Zealand and the simplicity of equipment required to play the game, just a ball, hoop and flat surface, makes netball one of the most accessible sports for girls/woman in New Zealand. Netball continues to be the highest participation sport in secondary schools in New Zealand. Netball is one of the few sports with high participation by Maori and Pacific Island girls, contributing significantly to health and wellbeing of this community.


Netball Northern Zone (the Zone) was established in October 2012 as part of the review of the structure of netball in New Zealand.

The Zone’s purpose is for “More People Involved in Quality Netball Experiences”

The geographical region of our Zone stretches from Kaitaia to Waiuku. There are 17 Netball Centres and four satellite venues. The Zone makes up 34% of the playing population in New Zealand.

Through this network, our impact is


84% of participants take part to have fun, followed by social connections and health


Netball Centres are hubs of social, physical and cultural interaction

Health & Wellbeing

Over 50,000 netballers take part in regular physical activity, supporting improved health and wellbeing in our communities

Youth Development

Netball is the number one team sport for girls. Through netball, we develop many young leaders with life and leadership skills


We support and raise capability of volunteer coaches, umpires, administration and officials


We achieved 2% netball participation growth in 2017, particularly in junior and social play


Netball is the number one team sport for Maori and European girls, Number two team sport for Pacific Island girls

Skill development

Providing fundamental sport skills sessions to build confidence and a lifelong love of participating in sport


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