2022 National Umpire Squad – Northern Zone Umpires

The Northern Zone are very proud to have these three umpires included in the National Umpire Squad for 2022. These umpires will officiate during the 2022 ANZ Premiership and Synergy Hair Netball League games. Zak Middleton and Cory Nicholls were re-selected in the National Umpire Squad in 2022. Cory has continued his growth in the ANZ Premiership over the past two seasons after learning his trade at National Netball League level. Zak Middleton this season has made the step up to ANZ Premiership. Kiani Smith was included in the National Umpire Squad for the first time in 2022. This follows five years on continued growth and development in the NNZ Zone Watchlist where Kiani excelled at NNZ Domestic Tournaments.


Cory Nicholls

Zak Middleton

Kiani Smith

2022 Zone Umpire Watchlist – Northern Zone Umpires

The Zone Umpire Watchlist is a group of umpires who have been identified as having the potential to be elite umpires in the future and are all at different stages of their development. The Northern Zone are pleased to have three umpires as part of this group. Scott Bailey, Matt Davis and Shaz Papesch have all been re-selected in the NNZ Zone Watchlist for 2022. With the impact of Covid, the NNZ Zone Watchlist umpires are an important part of delivering the ANZ Premiership and Synergy Hair Netball League reserving matches in the SHNL and standing by in case they need to be called up.


Matt Davis

Shaz Papesch

Scott Bailey


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