Umpire Coach Assessors

A pool of knowledgeable, competent Umpire Coaches and Umpire Assessors is required to enable umpires to develop and achieve high standards of umpiring and accreditation.

Umpire Coach – coaches umpire to develop and improve
Umpire Assessor – assesses umpires to achieve practical awards

The role of the Umpire Coaches and Umpire Assessors are to empower umpires by using effective coaching methods that promote Umpire Centred Learning (UCL) to:

  • Assist umpires to develop self-analysis
  • Analyse an umpire’s performance and pinpoint strengths and areas to develop
  • Communicate in an honest and constructive manner
  • Make decisions that are detached and impartial
  • Exercise duties in a professional manner and maintain confidentiality.

Key Functions

  • Coach umpires to improve umpire’s performance and encourage progression along the accreditation pathway
  • Assess umpires according to the assessment requirements set out by NNZ

Northern Zone: NZ Umpire Coaching Group

Matthew Davis
Glendon Carter
Zak Middleton
Shaz Papesch
Rebecca Jeans
Fay Meiklejohn
Jill Hayman
Raewyn Vile
Sharon Fraser
Leah Lazarus
Ann Tod
Cory Nicholls

Jan Skilton
Sharleen Morrell
Pearl Neighbour
Fleur Hunter
Eleanor Kitching
Amie Pooley
Estelle Searle
Roger Rota
Amelia Chambers
Maru Delamere
Lorraine Hill
Willie Hudson


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