Umpires must have high physical fitness to perform their duties. Umpires who hold a New Zealand Umpire Award have earned the right to wear the Netball New Zealand logo and are representing Netball New Zealand. Representing a national organisation comes with a responsibility to uphold the high standards of the award. As such, Netball New Zealand have minimum fitness standards for the various levels of netball.

Netball New Zealand, along with each Zone have put together the Community Umpiring Fitness Testing Guidelines. These guidelines are to be followed by all testers conducting the Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test for umpires. Please find this resource, along with the summary template to be completed after testing and returned to the Umpire Lead, below:

2020 Community Umpiring Testing Guidelines

Fitness Testing Results Summary Template

Effective Yo-yo Testing

Testing must be completed within two weeks of these dates and submitted to the Zone before these dates:

  • 15th March
  • 1st June
  • 1st August (for umpires wishing to attend NZ Open Champs)
  • 1st September

These are the levels that umpires need to meet as a minimum standard:

Umpire Level Yo-yo Test Level Fitness Test Deadline
Umpires selected by the NNZ Umpire Selectors for the NNZ Open Champs 15.1 1 August each year
Umpires selected by the NNZ Umpire Selectors for the NNZ Secondary Schools Champs 14.5 1 September each year
All umpires applying for NNZ U18 Champs 14.5 1 June each year
Umpires prior to screening for NZ B or NZ C, including endorsement 14.3 Within two weeks of the most recent fitness testing deadline
All other Umpires (recommended) 13.2 N/A

All umpires wishing to be appointed to NNZ events must provide current Yo-Yo Test results as per the table above. Current means within two weeks of the fitness testing deadline.