It's with great pleasure to announce the two Netball Northern Zone Beko Squads for 2017. The two teams will be named the Northern Comets who will sit under the Northern Stars and the Northern Marvels who will sit under the Northern Mystics.

The process to get two evenly matched teams selected has been thorough and has taken a bit of time which was warranted based on the complexity of the task we had and the number of considerations that needed to be taken into account. Congratulations to the following players on their selection-

Comets Squad 2017


1. Ivana Rowland

2. Kendra Falefitu

3. Marie Hansen

4. *Ashleigh Garner


1. Christina Oscar (Northern Stars TP)

2. *Tori Kolose

3. Eseta Tupu

4. Claudine Wallace

Development Mid-court- Jade Flyger

Circle Defense

1. Kate Burley (Northern Stars TP)

2. *Theresa Ngata

3. Liz Ene

4. Oceane Maihi

Development Defender- Sonya Ngau

Coaches- Vicki Morgan, Head Coach & Michelle Parsons, Assistant Coach

Marvels Squad 2017


1. *Lahaina-Lee Upu-Toparea

2. Filda Vui

3. Christie Anderson

Development Shooters- Jurnee Moore & Celine McGahan


1. *Asher Mason

2. Paxton Maligi

3. Renee Sandle

4. Tayla Foster

Development Mid-court- Kiani Stevenson


Circle Defense

1. Tauhi Lopeti (SKYCITY Mystics TP)

2. Tessa Scholten

3. Jess Bourke

4. Elle Temu

Development Defender- Kristina Tipene

Coaches- Paula Smith, Head Coach, Ripeka Pirie, Specialist Shooting Coach, Kathy Henry, Specialist Defence Coach

*Schoolgirls- require clearance from NNZ


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