Young Netballers could be the beneficiaries of three netball centres offering a parent and coaches workshop on Good Sports. 80 coaches and parents attend five workshop presentations run in three centres, Mangonui, Northern Wairoa and Whangarei. The presentation focused on raising awareness on the impact of adults on children’s sport, from training, to game day and the car ride home. “The aim was to impact the experiences that young people have with sport and we know that it is not always positive – this in turn will influence whether they return the following year or continue with sport long term,” said workshop facilitator Grant Harrison, Coaching Lead from Sport Northland. 

Feedback was positive with several participants indicating that hadn’t really thought a lot about the impacts of comments, approaches and behaviours. Some feedback from participants included

“the workshop opened my eyes to a number of things we do as parents/coaches”

“Definitely a need out there as we see the negative stuff on the side-line and in ourselves and we think of it as normal”

“I hadn’t thought about it too much, but a kid’s view is different to mine – this has made me re-think a bit”

Participants agreed to take on a Good Sports advocate role back at their centre’s where they use social media to highlight some of the good things that they observe happening in creating positive sporting environments. Visible messaging on what could be said before, during and after a game to support the development of players will appear in Netball Centres and attempts will be made to ensure the voices of the kids are heard. Further presentations are planned as a key take-home message was ‘more people need to hear this.’

“It is great start”, says Coaching Lead Grant Harrison, “word of mouth and social media are keys in getting the Good Sports messages out there.”

For more information on Good Sports contact Grant Harrison – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To support these messages Northland will be hosting Wayne Goldsmith next month. Wayne is an experienced coach and has worked with many teams and athletes at all levels over several years. He is passionate about the sporting experience. His presentation will be at Northland Hockey Centre on Thursday 13 September 6.00pm. For more information


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