Friday 13 October saw the launch of the first Netball Leaders Workshop, held at Toia - Otahuhu Recreation Precinct. 25 young people were selected from their respective schools to take part on the day, who examined the potential qualities to grow in to future leaders in their schools and wider communities.

The workshop was delivered by the experienced and well-respected Sue Emerson from Unitec, and her team of facilitators, who all specialise in youth leadership and development.

The day consisted of a class session, focused on exploring leadership to develop an understanding of leaders as influencers towards a common goal or purpose. Mixed in with this were activities to help break the ice, and develop communication, social skills, and team work amongst groups of individuals who had never met each other before.

Participants were all treated to a nutritious morning tea and lunch, prepared by the staff from Netball Northern. Guest appearances were made by local players from the Northern Stars (Christina Oscar) and Northern Comets (Liz Ene).

neball leader programme 1


netball leaders programme 2
netball leaders programme 3
netball leaders programme 4


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