Papakura Netball Centre are pleased to announce the appointment of Heather Te Rure to the position of General Manager.

Heather brings a range of skills which will be invaluable as Papakura Netball grows and evolves in the ever-changing world of sport. Heather has many years of leadership, customer service and change management experience. As a Mother and Netball player herself, the role with Papakura Netball provides a wonderful opportunity to get much more involved in the community and in a sport she is passionate about.

Heather takes up the role on 10 December and will have the opportunity to spend a few weeks under the guide of Briar, before she departs to pursue a new chapter of her life. 

The Board welcome Heather and look forward to working with her to ensure Papakura Netball serves its’ community and stakeholders well.

The Board also take this opportunity to thank Briar for her strong leadership and expertise in netball, under Briar’s leadership Papakura Netball has strengthened its foundations and is well positioned for the future.


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