What is your nickname?


Tori Kolose hs shot

What do you enjoy most about representing your school?  

Playing in a team where they play for the love of the game and want to do well for each other and the school. 

What have been the highlights in your school netball career to date?

Signing as a training partner for the Mystics for 2018
Playing in the Beko League 2017
Making NZ Secondary Schools 2017
Winning NZ Secondary Schools 2016
Having supportive coaches that have helped me achieve my goals.

What schools are your biggest competition this week (UNISS)?

We respect every team we come up against and I think all the teams will be hard in their own way.  Every team will bring their ‘A’ game this week as they will all want to qualify for Nationals. In the Auckland compeition we have teams like MAGs, EGGs, Westlake, Howick & One Tree Hill who are very strong teams and then I know for sure that there are teams from Waikato and the Bay of Plenty area who are also very competitive.

What are you looking to do in your life once you finish school? 

I’ve enrolled at Auckland Uni and am going to do a Bachelor of Health, Sport and Physical Education. This is quite a broad course that branches out into 5 different options which is good as I’m not 100% sure on what I want to do exactly, but definitely something down that pathway. 

How was the experience of playing in the Beko Netball League as a Secondary School Student? 

The level of intensity is much higher, faster, and stronger than school girl netball so you need to be really conditioned and mentally capable to take the court week in and week out. I really enjoyed learning from my coaches Vicki & Michy this year, they’ve helped my game improve a lot in the short time frame we spent together and I’m very grateful. The Beko league opens doors for young girls who want to progress into the higher ranks so I 100% recommend giving it a go. You get to work closely with your franchise team, and also learn lots from the players around you.

Describe the feeling being a part of the SKYCITY Mystics training group for 2018? 

Super excited!! I’m really grateful to be given this opportunity from Helene & the Mystics whanau. I know that it’s going to take a lot of hard work, commitment and good life balance to be successful in getting the most out of this opportunity. The transition from secondary school level moving into the ANZ level is going to be a huge step up for me but I’m really looking forward to getting on board with the team.

Best piece of advice for a young school player coming through the ranks? 

Don’t be afraid of failing! Set goals and work hard at achieving these. Listen to the advice from experts and try to put it into practice. But especially, work hard and keep a good balance with your school work and sport life


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