Northern Zone Elite Performance Programme (NZEPP)

The purpose of the NZEPP is to grow the number and quality of elite athletes, coaches, managers and umpires in our Zone, and across our centres.

The main objectives are:

  1. To identify and develop talented athletes in an environment designed for learning the lifestyle and work ethic required to succeed in high performance netball environment. These are athletes who aspire to play for National League, ANZ Premiership and Silver Ferns.
  2. To develop support staff who aspire to work in the high-performance netball environment.
  3. To connect umpires aspiring to reach national and international squads with training opportunities to develop their skill-set.

The aim of this programme is a clear connection between NNZ and zone pathways, as well as centre development programmes to ensure the stepping stones to high-performance are aligned and transparent for all who aspire to succeed in this challenging environment.

Athletes, Coaches, Umpires and Managers who are selected may have access to the following opportunities:

  • Northern Mystics Training Partners
  • Northern Marvels National League Team
  • Development opportunities against invitation teams 
  • Zone wide performance competition
  • Specialist netball skill development
  • Strength and Conditioning Programme
  • Performance support advice
  • Guest coaching from some of New Zealand’s Elite Coaches
  • Connection with netball’s elite support staff

Information and Updates

Information, updates and calendars regarding the Northern Zone Elite Performance Programme will be published on the Netball Northern website.


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