What is the NZEPP for?

The purpose of the NZEPP is to grow the number and quality of elite athletes, coaches, managers and umpires in the Northern Zone.

Who should apply to be a part of the NZEPP?

The NZEPP is designed to bring pre-elite and high-performance individuals from our zone under one connected umbrella. The focus is on individual development and includes those who aspire to reach a High-Performance Level in netball.

What is the commitment to the NZEPP?

The period of engagement is for 12 months.

Is there a subscription fee to join the NZEPP?

Yes, the fee is determined annually and helps pay for the services offered through the NZEPP.

When is payment due?

Payment is due upon you accepting a place in the NZEPP and payable by the 20th of the following month.

Do I need to be part of the NZEPP if I want to be selected for the Northern Marvels?

No. The NZEPP athlete positions are offered following Northern Marvels trials. See the Northern Zone NNL Selection Process here

Do I need to be part of the NZEPP if I want to coach or manage the Northern Marvels?

No. Applications for these roles are advertised annually for all assistant coach and manager roles, and biannually for the head coach role.


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