Netball Northern Zone are pleased to announce the reappointment of Ripeka Pirie as Head Coach of the Northern Marvels for the 2020 season. 

The National Netball League (Beko) Comets will be managed by the Northern Stars team this year.

The Northern Marvels may have limited time with their captain Samon Nathan, but coach Ripeka Pirie still has plenty of positives on court.

The Northern Zone are delighted to announce Anna Harrison as a specialist coach for the Northern Marvels in 2019. 
New Zealand is leading the way with a Netball world first in advocating for those in control of the game with the establishment of a New Zealand Netball Umpires’ Association.

After successfully participating in the 2019 Northern Zone Elite Performance Programme and the 2019 Beko Selection Process.

Papakura Netball Centre are pleased to announce the appointment of Heather Te Rure to the position of General Manager.

The Netball Northern Zone are pleased to announce the appointment of Jill Clapcott to the role of Team Manager for the Northern Comets BEKO squad.


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