How long have you been umpiring, and how did you get in to umpiring?

I started my umpiring back in 2014 with my first tournament being Maori Nationals held in Tauranga where I achieved my Centre Badge. I first got in to umpiring where a friend of mine who was playing at the time, invited me to come and watch and I was then asked if I could umpire and I was nervous as first time umpires do become.

What is your nickname?


How long have you been coaching, and what got you in to coaching?

Netball New Zealand (NNZ) is proud to celebrate the commitment and hard work of our volunteers with the 2017 NNZ Volunteer Awards.

Netball Northern Zone has appointed Nicole Spratt as its new chief executive.

Congratulations to Cory Nicholls (Netball North Harbour) who gained his NZA Umpire award at the BEKO Grand Final at The Trusts Arena on Sunday 18th June.

Looking for a fun weekend away with the girls? Are you a mum who wants to keep fit to enjoy an active lifestyle with your family? Did you previously play sport and want a reason to get back into it? Whatever your reason for participating, come to the South Island Masters Games in Nelson for a guaranteed great time this October.

Experienced sports administrator Julie Paterson has been appointed chief executive of Tennis New Zealand.


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