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Results from the 2018 VOP survey said over 50% of our community had experienced poor sideline behaviour.

We don’t realise the impact our behaviours/voices can have. Let’s all help create positive sporting experiences.

With the support of our Netball Centre's we have come up with a Community Campaign

Stand With Me - Kia tú ngátahi tátou

A huge thank you to all Netball Centre's who supported this project and at short notice sent people to participate and share their experiences. Thank you to all the families and volunteers who took time off work and travelled to enable this to come together.  Netball Centre’s will soon receive Stand With Me Poster, Court Signage and Sashes. The sashes can be provided to a representative from each team/sideline to act as a Positive Sideline Behaviour Ambassador for that game.   Sashes can be handed out with team score cards for each game and returned to the control room with the score card as an option. We encourage Netball Centre's to use the Catch Phrase “Stand with Me” “Kiá tú ngátahi tátou” – Lets stand together to support our Whanau  and our community as we partake in an activity that we all care about. 

Linking Arms is the symbol of Stand with Me. 

We would love to see photos from Netball Centre's showing their communities standing together.

Kia tú ngátahi tátou

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Thank you to ATEED who provided funding from the World Marsters Legacy Fund for this project.

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