Junior Netball Resources

NNZ is not alone there are other sports who have modified their game to be ago appropriate for children. Check out these YouTube clips to view overseas examples of Football and Tennis.

Sussex County Football Association

Watch adults try to play football on a field that is bigger than the standard football pitch. The field and goals posts are scaled to be equivalent to what children experience on a full sized field.

USA Kids Quickstart Tennis

See the success in performance and the participation numbers in children playing tennis once the court size was reduced and the equipment modified to be ago appropriate for the children

NNZ's new Junior Netball Programme has introduced skill development before a modified game which is played on smaller sized courts with fewer players on court for Year 1 -4 teams. The pre-existing Future Ferns modified rules and equipment have been slightly changed to make the game day event more appropriate to the age of the children playing.

Remember children are not mini sized adults



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